Arty Party Challenge is now on!

We are excited about launching our inaugural SilverCrest Arty Party Challenge 2019!  This is our first ever inter-home art competition and we are looking for everyone connected with the homes to get involved.

The Arty Party Competition is: ‘Hometown Glory’ and has been chosen because each SilverCrest care home reflects the community it serves as part of the challenge each home to pay tribute to its hometown through art.

Each care home will be supplied with a number of canvasses according to the size of the care home together with paint and art supplies and the winning care home will be the one who, according to the judges, best reflects its local area through art.

As well as the judges’ views, we will also be opening out the competition to public voting through a poll conducted on social media and the SilverCrest website so keep your eyes peeled and be part of the SilverCrest experience.  The resultant art pieces will go on display in the homes to demonstrate resident involvement in stimulating activities in our homes!

Good luck to the homes and we can’t wait to see the beautiful pieces of work.