It’s never too late to learn.” Malcolm Forbes…

Here at SilverCrest we strive to provide a stimulating environment to keep our residents’ minds and bodies engaged with a range of activities. We are thrilled that so many residents are more open to using digital devices, eager to learn and adapting to it so quickly.

This is why we have invested in five Tiny Tablets, one for each of our care homes.  Tiny Tablet is an interactive activity touch table designed to enhance person centred care, encourage interaction overall improving the well-being of residents.

The Tiny Tablet acts in the same way as a smartphone or i-pad but in contrast to its’ name the Tiny Tablet is a 32” screen placed on a stand so they can be raised to standing level or lowered to seated making it more accessible to residents.

Residents can play games, watch TV and films, skype their friends and family, sing along lessons, complete quizzes and download a range of apps to keep them engaged and active.

Rhiannon Ward, Manager at SilverCrest said “Our residents love the activities we provide in the homes from baking to gardening but technology has developed so much we wanted residents to embrace this to the fullest. It’s a special moment when you see children visiting their grandparents in the care home and showing them the latest game, story or music or even helping them use the Tiny Tablet. We are glad we have invested in Tiny Tablets as you can see how it’s helping the residents in many ways.”

Lindsey Davies, Home Manager at the Cwrt Enfys care home said “The Tiny Tablet has been such a welcome addition to our home, we’ve noticed that quieter residents who didn’t interact too much with others have suddenly been more active and more vocal. They enjoy playing games with each other and it’s even bought residents closer to each other and resulted in them making more friends. The fact residents have their own personal files saved on the device means that the device will have a record of their favourite games and also we can tailor games depending on their different levels of abilities.”