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Life at SilverCrest care homes is all about providing great and professional care for our residents, but it also about bringing vibrancy and involvement to their lives as well.

Which is why this year we set all our homes the challenge to compete in a residents’ art challenge, and the results are incredible!

As our homes are based in areas with a strong sense of community, we thought it would help our residents to express their feelings for their hometowns through art.

Hence the theme for our inaugural inter-home Arty Party Challenge was ‘Hometown Glory’ taken from the Adele song of the same name.

We were delighted when acclaimed artist, Malcolm Murphy,  renowned for his insightful paintings of Welsh life, agreed to be our head judge.

The overall winner was The Hollies for their group effort. They created 6 canvasses which formed one big image of the famous Old Bridge in Pontypridd.

On judging the art Malcolm Murphy said:

“My family and I have come to this decision as a result of the collaboration in the layout of the painting, it’s very well thought out and has a great balance in colour between each section. Not only that The Logo as real butterflies, was the final decider in choice.

Speaking about the runners up Malcolm said:

“Second place was Morganna Court for their Porthcawl coast outline We have come to this decision Judged on the impact this has, it speaks

Porthcawl instantly recognisable, I personally love the crashing waves against the lighthouse, as we all know takes all manner of weather and still remains one of Porthcawl’s Iconic Buildings. Also, the old photographs attached to the picture was also a deciding factor.  It was an emotional picture.”

Special Recognition went to Florence Evans aged 102 from our Cwrt Enfys care home. Florence’s painting depicting her grandson’s dogs which reminded her of home.  It is all the more remarkable that this is the first time that Florence has painted, making her artistic debut at the age of 102!

Of the picture, Malcolm said: “We have made this decision based on the imagination of the picture its extremely heartwarming, and has been painted exceptionally well. The idea behind the painting makes this also a worthy winner.

He added: “I would have loved to Judge all the Paintings as the first choice, as they are all equally brilliant as one another, I would like to congratulate all the artist for their incredible thought-provoking artwork and wonderful imagination aligned with great artistic approach and skill.”

It is fitting that the theme of National Care Home open Day on 28th June  is ‘Celebrating the role of art in care!’


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